Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And so, It Begins

Hello every one, and welcome to the first entry in my Photography blog.

I started this blog for really two main reasons. The first is I love photography, but I don't always get to go out and shoot photographs as often as I would like. Since it's often said that the best way to learn is to teach, I thought one of the best ways to keep learning about photography and growing within the field would be to research and learn about the questions of others.

The second reason I wanted to do this was because of the inadequate answers I often give to people who ask me questions. Too often when some one asks me a question I don't have a ready diagram or enough time to give as thorough an answer as I would like.

So on the assumption that its quality and not quantity that is important, I would like to use this space to more fully answer questions. I won't be able to answer as many questions, but I hope that here I can give answers that are more enlightening.

What kinds of questions will I be answering? In short, yours. Have a question about a photographic technique? Or maybe a function on your camera that you don't know what it is? Don't know how to set the White Balance on your camera? Or better yet, want to know what White Balance is? Believe me, there are tons of other people that want to know the same thing.

So follow the link to the right to ask me a question and lets get this party started!

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  1. whew..am i happy you have this site! of course you know i'll have a ton of questions. just stop me when it gets too much! i love you and im very proud of you!