Friday, October 31, 2008

Lets Take it From the Top

In my next posts I will be starting with an introduction to the three basic things that affect how your camera takes pictures. There are a lot of other things that affect your pictures, but these are the three major ones.

First I am going to talk about ISO speed. If you used a film camera before going digital you probably remember seeing ISO speed numbers on the film boxes you purchased. Digital cameras still use the term ISO, but we are going to go over what the difference is, what's changed, and what's stayed the same.

Next we will go over Aperture. We will talk about what an aperture is, how to read aperture numbers, and how different aperture settings affect your photographs. There are a lot of different ways that various aperture settings can affect your pictures, and we won't go over all of them, but we will discuss enough to get the general idea and hopefully allow everyone to experiment and come up with some questions of their own.

Third we will cover shutter speed. Shutter speed should be pretty short since what affects it and how it affects the other two are a little easier to understand and deal with. But its important to understand what a shutter is, and to be able recognize its affect on your pictures.

Lastly, once we have those three things covered, we can bring it all together and understand how the three of them are interrelated. You can't really get the pictures you want without considering how all three of these properties are working together to create your pictures. When we are done we should understand why you can't change one of those measurements without affecting the other two.

This is going to be a series of posts that could take a while to complete, but don't let that stop you from asking other questions along the way if you have specific questions about other things.

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