Monday, January 5, 2009

Technical Dificulties

I found out tonight that there is a problem with some of the images on this blog.

Every once in a while as I am writing a post I like to give examples of what I mean in the form of an image rollover effect. It just means that I ask you to put your mouse over an image and it changes into a different one to illustrate a point. Well, it has come to my attention that the method I am using for this does not always work in Internet Explorer.

I haven't figured out why yet but I am working on it. I will either find a solution soon or find another method to get this done. In the mean time the work around is to just load the page again and see if it works.

Sorry for any confusion.

*Update: I have tested with a few browsers already and all but Internet Explorer seem to be unaffected on both Mac and Windows. If you are using a browser besides Internet Explorer and run into this problem please let me know.

*It might be premature but I may have just found my problem. In the process I discovered another slight problem, but I know the solution to that one.

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